Thursday talks

9:00 Registration in front of room CL 3.01

9:45 Information about this day in CL 3.01

10:00 Keynote 2: Camilo Salazar (US): Cultural appropriation in electroacoustic music

11:00 Jeffrey Mettlewsky (UK): Combining instruments with electronic processing
11:30 Motje Wolf (UK): Thinking about noise
12:00 Frank Hilpert (GER): Remixed, Recomposed, Rhizomed

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Eric Nyström (UK): Texture and entropic processes in e/a music
14:00 Jan Thoben (GER): Visual music and musical images

14:30 Introductions to installations:
Simon Whetham
Dionysis Athinaios

15:00 tea&coffee

15:30 Installations in Trinity Chapel and Chantry House
(Athinaios, Whetham)


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