Sound, Sight, Space and Play 2009

Postgraduate Symposium for Creativity
in the Sonic Arts
Wednesday 6th – Thursday 7th May 2009
Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre,
De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

We would like to invite you to take part in the 2009 Sound, Sight, Space and Play (SSSP) symposium for creativity in the sonic arts, organised by postgraduate students of the Music Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC) in association with Centre for Excellence in Performance Arts (CEPA). The ideals of this event are to stimulate co-operation and inspiration between postgraduate students, across institutional boundaries, leading to new perspectives on current works and research. We encourage submission of papers, on both completed and progressing research, for presentation over the course of the event. Limited Installation spaces and concert slots are also available. Bursaries available.

Event Topics
We invite paper submissions on topics related to creativity in the sonic arts including, but not restricted too:
•    Sound Diffusion
•    Multi Channel Approaches to Composition and Sound Projection
•    Installations
•    Interactivity
•    Audio-Visuals and Multimedia
•    Electronics and Circuit Bending
•    Performance Practice
•    Theoretical Implications of the above

Guidelines for Submission of Papers and Works

Papers: The duration of each presentation will be 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute formal question period. Between sessions there will be breaks for informal questions and discussion. We offer the possibility of online publication for papers on a voluntary basis. You will receive more information about the publication after acceptance of the submission.
Works: At the end of each day there will be a concert displaying works related to the day’s presentations. Technical specifications and requirements for works should be submitted through the online application form and/or included with the physical media.
General: All submissions will be subject to a double-blind peer-review procedure conducted by PhD students or post docs from different institutions representing the various sub-disciplines of sonic arts and related fields. Abstract and program notes should be submitted through the online application form (or as a Word document) and must not exceed 300 words in length including headings and references. Physical media (e.g. CD’s/DVD’s) should be sent via post. Multimedia support will be provided for talks and performances in the form of video projector, CD and DVD player and multi speaker diffusion system.
Deadline: The deadline for abstract submissions is 1st February 2009. The panel will discuss applications and respond in the first week of March. A detailed timetable can be found on our website.

The link to the online application form and further information can be found at:
Information on travel bursaries will be released in February.

Further Contact Information
Questions relating to papers and general information should be directed to Motje Wolf:
Questions relating to works, performance and finances should be directed to Andrew Hill:
Postal submission to:

Andrew Hill and Motje Wolf
Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre
De Montfort University
Clephan Building 0.19
Leicester LE1 9BH
United Kingdom


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